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The Pigeons Fly

Poem No.: 69 النص العربي: لا يوجد

The pigeons fly,

the pigeons come down...


Prepare a place for me to rest.

I love you unto weariness,

your morning is fruit for songs

and this evening is precious gold

the shadows are strong as marble.

When I see myself,

it is hanging upon a neck that embraces only the clouds,

you are the air that undresses in front of me like tears of the grape,

you are the beginning of the family of waves held by the shore.

I love you, you are the beginning of my soul, and you are the end...

the pigeons fly

the pigeons come down...


I am for my lover I am. And my lover is for his wandering star

Sleep my love

on you my hair braids, peace be with you...

the pigeons fly

the pigeons come down...


Oh, my love, where are you taking me away from my parents,

from my trees, small bed and from my weariness,

from my visions, from my light, from my memories and pleasant evenings,

from my dress and my shyness,

where are you taking me my love, where?

You take me, set me on fire, and then leave me

in the vain path of the air

that is a sin ... that is a sin...

the pigeons fly

the pigeons come down...


My love, I fear the silence of your hands.

Scratch my blood so the horse can sleep.

My love, female birds fly to you

take me as a wife and breathe.

My love I will stay and breasts will grow for you

The guards take me out of your way

my love, I will cry upon you, upon you, upon you.

because you are die surface of my sky.

My body is the land,

the place for you...

the pigeons fly

the pigeons come down...

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