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Biography: Qassim Haddad

Bahraini poet. Born in Bahrain, he did not finish his secondary education and is largely self-educated. He rose to fame both as a poet and as a revolutionary, writing much verse on political subjects dealing with freedom and progress. At present, he is the head of the Union of Bahraini writers. The most famous poet of Bahrain, he has published 15 collections of poetry,

Good Omen , Beirut , 1970
Exodus of Hussain's Head from the Traitorous Cities, Beirut 1972
The Second Blood , Beirut , 1975
The Heart of Love , Bahrain , 1980
Resurrection , Beirut , 1982
Relating , Beirut , 1982
Splinters , Beirut , 1983
Walking Guarded with Ibexes , Bahrain , 1986
Solitude of the Queens
Qassim's Grave , Bahrain , 1997
The Breasts (with Amin Salih
The Story of Majnoon Layla

He also wrote and published some prose books such :

Critique of hope , Beirut
Not by this Way nor by the other, 1997
Theatre in Bahrain , Experience and Horizon , Bahrain , 1980.
He is a founding member of "Bahrain Writers Association" established in 1969
A member of "Awal Theatre" in Bahrain
A member of the editorial committee of the literary periodical
"KALEMAT" issued by Bahrain Writers Association".
Contributes in writing critical Essays and studies in Arabic Newspapers and periodicals.
Many of his poems had been translated into English, French, and German language
Participated in many Arabic and International Symposiums, Conferences and forums on poetry and writing.

source: http://www.qhaddad.com


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